Alpha Kappa Chapter at
Carnegie Mellon University

The Alpha Kappa Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi

First and foremost, our chapter is a group of friends; a group of friends who live together, eat together, work together, and hang out together. We are men who seek to enhance our college experience- complementing our academic pursuits by providing a fun and supportive environment that allows us to thoroughly enjoy everything that Carnegie Mellon and the City of Pittsburgh have to offer.

Our brothers benefit from being in an organization in which we offer each other academic support as well as functioning as a social outlet. We learn how an organization functions and how every man must pull his weight to make it operate smoothly. We participate in the unique events that the Carnegie Mellon Greek community is known for, and we encourage each other to try new things, be spontaneous, and have our house be a place to come home to.

Whether it’s going to the gym, playing sports, going to see a movie, doing homework together, or even just lending a helping hand to one another, we are always there for each other. We are friends, and we are brothers.